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  • Let's Talk About 10 Types of Learning. Presented by Alexandra Santos

Let's Talk About 10 Types of Learning. Presented by Alexandra Santos

  • 15 Dec 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Live Webinar


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CEUs: PPAB 1.5, CCPDT (pending), IAABC (pending), KPA (pending)

Learning can be defined as the processing and retention of new information which results in an enduring change in behavior. However, learning takes place within constraints such as preparedness, fixed action pattern behaviors, adaptation and motivation. The learning process may entail associations between neutral and meaningful stimuli, associations between cues and behaviors, and associations between behaviors and their consequences.

In this webinar, which has been designed at a novice level, we will explore 10 different types of learning – what they are, their characteristics, and some examples of each – and the constraints within which learning takes place

Learning Objectives

- Understand the concepts of preparedness, fixed action pattern behaviors, adaptation and motivation.

Become acquainted with the following types of learning:

- Superstitious learning

- Imprinting

- Learned helplessness

- Latent learning

- One-trial learning

- Social facilitation learning

- Errorless learning

- Respondent conditioning

- Operant conditioning

- Emotional learning

About Your Presenter    

Alexandra Santos

Alexandra Santos is a professional canine behavior consultant and trainer, with formal education through The Animal Care College in the U.K. where she graduated with honors for the Diploma of Advanced Canine Psychology, and through The Companion Animal Sciences Institute where she graduated with distinction for the Diploma of Advanced Dog Training.

She is the author of the books “Puppy Problems”, “Puppy Training: How to housetrain your puppy effectively”, “How to leash train your dog and enjoy walking him”, “O meu cão e eu”, “Cão educado, dono feliz” (published in Portugal), and has also authored and co-authored several scientific articles for the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and the International Institute for Applied Companion Animal Behavior.

Alexandra lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal, as a guest professor at Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias and provides individual coaching for dogs and their people. She has been a presenter at several seminars in Portugal and Brazil on positive reinforcement-based training and regularly presents webinars for the Pet Professional Guild in the USA and Edogtorial in Spain.

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