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Scentwork Solutions for Common Behavioral Problems. Presented by Dr. Morag Heirs

  • 20 Aug 2021
  • 12:00 PM
  • 20 Aug 2024
  • 1:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar




Scentwork has taken off across the world as a fun activity to share with your dog, and there are a whole range of methods and approaches. While some methods concentrate on competition, there’s increasing interest in the use of scentwork and nose games within behavior modification programs.

This session will refresh your knowledge of basic scentwork approaches and their effects on the canine brain. Then, using a mixture of case studies and video, it will explore how scentwork can play a key role in behavior modification for a range of commonly presenting problems in dogs, including fear, frustration and more.

Learning Objectives:

• How “sniffing” affects the canine brain.

• What kind of scentwork might we use in a behavior modification program and why.

• How we can integrate scentwork into behavior modification plans.

About Your Presenter    

Dr. Morag K. Heirs PhD MSc MA(Hons)(SocSci) PGCAP CAB

Dr. Morag K. Heirs PhD MSc MA(Hons)(SocSci) PGCAP CAB is a practicing clinical animal behaviorist and an enthusiastic academic with particular interests in research, evidence-based practice, scent work and deaf/blind dogs. She divides her time between academic study and clinical practice.

She is currently a visiting lecturer for the University of Edinburgh (MSc in clinical animal behavior) and supervises MSc research students there. She is also course director for three entirely online MSc programs for practitioners of nutrition science, oriental medicine and complementary medicine, and teaches research skills for practitioners.

She is a director of Well Connected Canine Ltd, based in York, U.K., and manages a small team who provide canine behavior services to private clients, local government organizations, and national animal rescue organizations. She specializes in risk assessment, treating phobias and working with deaf and/or blind dogs. She also includes skills from her previous career as a myofascial release and remedial massage therapist in many consultations.

She also enjoys canicross ultra running with her two collies and a large German wire haired pointer.

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