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To Yield or Not to Yield, That is the Question. Presented by Niki Tudge

  • 17 Sep 2021
  • 2:00 PM
  • 17 Sep 2024
  • 3:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar



CEUs: PPAB 1.5, KPA 1, IAABC 1

Have you heard the expressions ‘revenue management’ or ‘yield management?’ Are you aware that, with some knowledge and a couple of tools, you can soon become your own revenue management expert? Maybe not, as this service industry concept is somewhat new to the pet industry.

However, you too can become a professional pioneer and implement skills into your business that you never want your competition getting hold of. Join the presenter as she shares principles of revenue management from the airline and hospitality industry that can be easily and ethically implemented into your own scheduling practices.

Learn from decades of revenue management experience how you can leverage low and high demand periods with the perishable commodity of the time we sell to manage more income and yield higher profit percentages – with less work. Get smart about how you manage your booking calendar so you can ethically profit from less effort!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to understand and analyze your low and high demand periods.
  • Understand the principles and operational benefits to implement a yield management policy.
  • Leave with a new tool and the knowledge you need to begin managing your yield immediately.

About Your Presenter    

Niki Tudge

Niki Tudge MBA PCBC-A CABC CDBC is the founder and president of the Pet Professional Guild, DogNostics Education and The DogSmith. She has substantial leadership experience in business management and administration, particularly in the nonprofit sector, which encompasses her role as the president of Doggone Safe, a nonprofit educational organization. She has published numerous articles, which have been featured in publications such as the New York Times. She has also authored five books; her most recent project, Pet Training and Behavior Consulting: A Model for Raising the bar to Protect Professionals, Pets and Their People, which she co-authored, was published in 2019.

Niki holds a dog training and dog behavior credential from the Pet Professional Accreditation Board, has successfully completed two diplomas (animal behavior technician and canine behavior science and technology) with James O’Heare at the Companion Animal Science Institute and is a certified dog trainer and dog behavior consultant through the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals.

Before following her passion into small business and nonprofit management, she enjoyed a distinguished career in the hospitality industry, holding executive positions all over the world. Her real passion in her corporate role was the identification and development of female talent in the workplace. She enjoyed managing and coaching her team through both their personal and professional development and loved watching the process of female empowerment and growth at a high level of management.

In most recent years, Niki has invested time in moving her love of running from a hobby to a professional business. Her professional credentials include International Sports Science Association (ISSA) certified fitness trainer, ISSA certified transformation specialist, nutritional coach and ISSA elite trainer. She is also a certified chi walking and running coach and has successfully complete the MAF Foundations’ certificate course.

Along with her business degrees from Oxford Brookes University in the UK, Niki holds a Six Sigma Black Belt certification, specializing in data analysis and process improvement and is an International Training Board (HCITB) certified people trainer at levels TS1, TS2 & TS3, and a certified facilitator and project manager. In addition, she was recognized for her outstanding contribution to the business community and honored with a Fortune 500 Company Leadership Award for her accomplishments.

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