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  • Understanding Aggression in Dogs. Presented by Sezan Ozgunay

Understanding Aggression in Dogs. Presented by Sezan Ozgunay

  • 10 Dec 2020
  • 1:00 PM
  • 10 Dec 2023
  • 2:30 PM
  • Recorded Webinar



CEUs: PPAB 1.5, CCPDT 1.5, KPA 1.5

This talk covers the meaning of ‘aggression’ and explores the possible differentials for aggressive behaviour in dogs. Treatment of aggression is not discussed.

Learning Objectives

  • Terminology busting. Understand the common phrases or words used when discussing ‘aggression’ in dogs.
  • Recognise the underlying emotions that can result in aggressive behaviour, and the possible motivations for aggression.
  • Rule out emotional/motivational differentials for aggression based on observation and history.
  • Appreciate a range of additional factors that could influence the expression of aggressive behaviour in dogs

About Your Presenter

Sezan Ozgunay - Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)

Sezan is a Regional Clinical Animal Behaviourist for the Dogs Trust, where she has worked for the past 4 years. She is qualified with a BSc and MSc in Welfare and Behaviour Sciences, as well as being a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB). Sezan’s past experiences include working as a behaviour consultant at the University of Bristol, before travelling to Melbourne to work as a Training and Behaviour advisor for the RSPCA. Sezan is passionate about education and enjoys translating evidence-based concepts into practical advice that works for both people and animals. She is particularly fond of in helping owners understand and get the best from their relationships with their ‘high drive’ dogs.

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