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From Formal to Functional - Using Comprehensive Information to Effectively Assess Animals Presented by Dr. Carley Faughn

  • 21 Oct 2019
  • 4:00 PM
  • 21 Oct 2022
  • 5:00 PM
  • Recorded Webinar




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How can we learn more about the animals we work with and help them overcome challenges when we have so many other responsibilities and things to do on a daily basis? We will explore how everyday interactions with animals is a learning experience not only for them but also for us to learn more about their individual needs and increase their adoptability. Each interaction we have with the animals in our care is an opportunity for us to better understand who they are and by understanding and implementing functional assessments we are better equipped to not only understand individual animals but address behavior challenges as needed. Whether we are entering a dog’s kennel to leash them for a walk or we are opening a cat’s kennel to clean their litter box, how they behave in these and other daily situations informs us of how we can help them better handle being in a shelter while developing life skills until they are adopted. In this session, attendees will learn how to be aware of each animal’s behavior, understand what that behavior means, and help the animal’s overcome challenges as soon as they are recognized with techniques to easily implement into daily routines. By doing this, we are setting them up for success both in the shelter and in their future home.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what functional assessments are and how to conduct them.
  • Learn about the importance of recognizing behaviors and how to do so quickly after admission.
  • Understand how to implement basic techniques to manage and overcome undesirable behaviors.
  • Learn how to implement lifesaving techniques and programs into daily routines.

    About The Presenter

    Dr. Carley Faughn has worked with canines, felines, and nonhuman primates since 2007 merging her passion for comparative cognition, animal welfare, and animal rescue. In March 2018, Dr. Faughn transitioned from Dogtown Manager to the Senior Manager of Animal Care at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. In this role, she continues overseeing Dogtown and Dogtown’s behavior team, as well as Adoptions, the sanctuary’s Animal Care Consultant, and the sanctuary’s well-being studies. Dr. Faughn works with the Dogtown team to develop creative wellness plans and enrichment ideas to ensure every dog has a good quality of life while still working on life skills for their adopted homes. In addition, Dr. Faughn collaborates with Best Friends’ Lifesaving Centers as well as Best Friends’ Network Partners to implement lifesaving programs and facilitate teachings about animal behavior and cognition. Before coming to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Dr. Faughn served as Executive Director of Acadiana Animal Aid (AAA) in Lafayette, LA for three years. She joined AAA as Executive Director just before completing her PhD at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (Cognitive Science, 2014) and after serving as a caregiver at the nonprofit animal rescue for several years. During her time at Acadiana Animal Aid she led a team to increase their life saving efforts from 385 lives saved in 2013 to well over 2,000 lives saved in her final year as Executive Director in 2016. Dr. Faughn played an integral role in Lafayette, LA committing to reaching no-kill by 2020 and they are on path to achieve this goal.

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