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  • Battling Burnout: How to Love Your Business As Much As You Love The Dogs You Take Care Of presented by Britt Alwerud

Battling Burnout: How to Love Your Business As Much As You Love The Dogs You Take Care Of presented by Britt Alwerud

  • 25 Jul 2017
  • 23 Jul 2019
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Presented by Britt Alwerud


Most likely, you started your dog walking business not because of your love of business, but your love of dogs. However, running a pet service business is not always a walk in the park and the busier you get, the more burnout can set in. The key to battling burnout is to fall in love with your business. Britt Alwerud, owner and head trainer of DogZenergy in San Diego, California and founder of Handlr, an all-in-one mobile business management platform, walks you through the five steps necessary for putting your pet business on auto-pilot so you can focus on doing what you love. Britt has made millions of dollars working with dogs and has been able to grow her business because of the way that she has used modern mobile business software to automate her daily operations and trust her growing staff. Now, she can teach you how to train yourself to not just work "for" your business, but work "on" it to achieve better work/life balance, financial freedom and success. 

Webinar Objectives. 

  • Work "on" your business and not just "in" it.
  • Make a steady income even if you're not physically working.
  • Set up systems and processes so that your business can run without you.
  • Create consistency in your business for quality control and growth.
  • Let go of fears that are standing in your way on your path to success.
  • Learn how to let go of control and trust your team using simple modern mobile technology.
  • Five essential business platforms that are key to running a pet care business.
  • Reward and positively reinforce yourself and your team for reaching goals and milestones. 

About the Presenter

Britt Alwerud lives in Los Angeles, California with her menagerie of two golden retrievers, Daisy and Taj, two cats, Tiger and Monkey, and two horses named Gracie and Moo. Britt owns DogZenergy in San Diego, California and is also the full-time founder and CEO of Handlr - a modern mobile-first business platform that automates pet service businesses.

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