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Bailey, Ed

Why Not Seven Weeks? The Forty-Ninth Day Revisited (Gun Dog Magazine)

The Dog in His World and Yours (Gun Dog Magazine)

Producing Behaviorally Sound Dogs (Gun Dog Magazine, Aug/Sept 1998)

Giving Pups a Head Start (Gun Dog Magazine, Apr/May 1999)

New Puppy Coming... Now What? (Gun Dog, Apr/May 2000)

Socialization, Bonding, And Socializing (Gun Dog, Aug/Sept 1997)

Barker, Greg

Clicker Training

Bellamy, Bob

A Profitable Practice (SMVA News, August 2007)
Clark, Carolyn
Off You Win

Fisher, Tracy

Dog Bite Prevention (SMVA News, May 2005)

Laurette, Norma Jeanne

IPDTA Awards Banquet Celebrates Positive Dog Training (Animal Wellness, 2005)

Leader, Tamara

SAVT Update (2007)

Lewin, Teresa

Teresa's Bad Rules

McLaughlin, Tara

Dog Safety and R.E.A.D. A Doggone Great Combination

Orr, Joan

Lost in Translation? How to "Read" Your Companions Body Language (Animal Wellness Magazine, May 2005)

Bite Proofing Your Puppy

Muzzled (and loving it) Expert tips for responsible owners and happier dogs (PETS Magazine, Sept/Oct 2008)

Training the New Puppy
(PETS magazine, Jan/Feb 2007)

Clicker Training and Humane Education (The Latham Letter, Winter 2005)

Book review: Living with Kids and Dogs... Without Losing Your Mind (The Latham Letter, Fall 2006)

Games for Kids and Canines Help Make Training Fun (Animal Wellness, 2006)

Bite-Proof Your Puppy (Puppy Basics Magazine)

Clicker Training and the Family Dog (Pets Quarterly, Spring 2007)

Sit, Stay, Say 'Ah' Train Your Dog for Visits to the Vet, Groomer (PETS magazine, Sept/Oct 2007)

Top 5 Dog and Cat Training Myths (PETS Annual, Jan/Feb 2005)
Top 5 Dog and Cat Tringing Myths Part 2

Orr, Joan and Teresa Lewin

Incorporating Dog Bite Prevention Education Into Your Puppy Classes (The APDT Chronicle of the Dog, Sept/Oct 2004)

Simple Rules for Safe Fun (Kids and Dogs Magazine, 2008)

Play Date Checklist

Preventing Aggression Over Possessions and Food in Your Puppy

Play Date Checklist

Babysitter Rules

And Baby Makes...Four- Help Rover make the transition from only dog to family dog (CAPPDT Forum, Winter 2004)

Kids in Puppy Class? Why Not? (CAPPDT Forum, Spring 2005)

Click a Trick for Fun (CAPPDT Forum, 2004)

Dog Days at the Cottage (Great Canadian Home and Cottage, May/June 2005)

Babysitters and Dogs

Teach Your Child to be Doggonesafe Around Dogs (West Prince Graphic, 2007)

Bringing Up Babies: Life with Dogs and Children (PETS Magazine, May/June 2005)

Biting the Hand that Feeds (Regina Health News, Fall 2007)

Shryock, Jennifer

Prepare the Dog for Baby: Dogs and Baby Equipment

Baby Swing Safety

Holiday Madness from a Dogs Mind

Holidays and the Family Dog

A Night Out for Mom & Dad

Vinson, Kerry

Boot Camp for Dogs (OMVA Focus, Sept/Oct 2002)

Early Learning Experiences Key to Good Behaviour (PETS Magazine, Mar/Apr 2007)

Ask the Experts - Fear Biter
(Pets Quarterly, Fall 2005)

Ask the Experts - Pinch Collars ( Pets Quarterly, Summer 2009)

Ask the Experts - Will the Dog Bite Again? (Pets Quarterly, Summer 2005)

Leadership versus Dominance - What really matters when it comes to training dogs? (PETS Magazine, Jan/Feb 2010)

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