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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a Be a Tree presenter. If you are a Doggone Safe member there is more information at the Member's page.

How do I become a Be a Tree presenter?

  • First join Doggone Safe. Choose the Be A Tree Member. 
  • You can then purchase the Be a Tree teacher kit, review the learning video that comes with the kit, review the supplied script and other materials, practice on friends and family a few times and you are ready to present the program. 
  • Doggone Safe members are eligible for a 10% discount on the teacher kit.  Once you join you will find the discount code in your member area
Does purchasing a Be a Tree kit give me a membership in Doggone Safe?

No. These are two separate things. There is a fee for membership. 

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Does Doggone Safe screen presenters?

Doggone Safe does not screen presenters.  In order to do the presentation on behalf of Doggone Safe and become eligible to be a paid Doggone Safe presenter, you must sign the License Agreement and provide additional information about yourself to Doggone Safe. Doggone Safe reserves the right to revoke license agreements at any time for any reason.

Why would I sign the license agreement?

It is optional to sign the license agreement. Signing the license agreement gives you the following privileges:
    • You may use the Be a Tree logos in your marketing (in print and on your website)
    • You may advertise that you are offering the Be a Tree program
    • If you also a Doggone Safe member then you are eligible for help from us in obtaining sponsorship
    • If you are also a Doggone Safe member you are eligible to be a paid presenter working on behalf of Doggone Safe if a paying customer seeks a presentation in your area.

What Logos and Links Can I Use?

As   Be a Tree presenter/member you are entitle to use the Be a Tree logos at your website and in your printed materials. These will be emailed to you once you sign the license agreement.

You are also entitle to include the phrase "Licensed Be a Tree Presenter" with a link to the Doggone safe main site or the Be a Tree page in your email signature.

How much do presenters get paid?

Doggone Safe pays $100 per presentation to licensed presenters who are Doggone Safe members and who book programs through Doggone Safe. Most presenters start by doing volunteer programs. Presenters are paid for the actual programs that they present, but are expected to volunteer time in promoting the program and making sure that all necessary materials (e.g. photocopies) are available. If presentations are more than 1/2 hour drive away, Doggone Safe will attempt to negotiate a travel expense allowance from the program recipient or sponsor.

Presenters are only paid for programs booked through Doggone Safe. These are still considered to be non-profit presentations since Doggone Safe does not make a profit. You cannot represent yourself as presenting for non-profit Doggone Safe unless programs are booked through Doggone Safe and you have signed the license agreement. Doggone Safe retains the right to refuse to book programs for specific presenters for any reason.

You can do programs on your own as a volunteer without booking through Doggone Safe. You can run presentations at your own facility on a for-profit basis, but you cannot represent yourself as an affiliate of non-profit Doggone Safe.

Can I do presentations for free?

Yes, most people do presentations on a volunteer basis. This is a great way to do some community service while promoting your business or organization.

How do I arrange for presentations?

There are various ways you can arrange for presentations.

It is easier to offer free programs than to offer programs that must be paid for. If you would like to be paid, the best approach is to work with Doggone Safe so that the program can be advertised as supporting a non-profit organization. Doggone Safe will help members who are licensed Be a Tree presenters to prepare and submit funding proposals to local businesses or community groups. You must identify the potential sponsor. More information is available at the Members-only page.

  • You can run them at your own facility if you have a dog training room or other suitable area. You can do these at no charge or charge an entry fee. Please share with Doggone Safe if you charge a fee ($10 per presentation would be appreciated).

  • You can approach local school principals or school boards (in some areas programs require board approval) to tell them about the program. 

  • A letter to the principal and a letter to the teacher can be downloaded and modified to suit your needs from the member area

  •  Doggone Safe members can can attach the Doggone Safe logo to their own letterhead - the  logo can be downloaded from the Doggone Safe members-only page. Licensed presenters who are Doggone Safe members and working on behalf of Doggone Safe can get this letter on Doggone Safe letterhead.

  • You can send a press release to local media informing them of the availability of the program and hope for calls as a result of this. 

  • You can run a free program and try to get your local cable company and/or radio and/or newspaper to cover it. This will generate interest from other schools and potential sponsors.

  • You can approach your local school parent council or PTA and ask for their support for the program.

  • You can approach local church groups, boy scouts, girl guides or scouts or other community groups to see if they would like to pay for the program (or you can volunteer).

  • Visit your local business community breakfast meeting or other such group and present the program to generate interest from the local business community.

  • Volunteer to present the program at local libraries and at local community events.

  • Team up with your local animal shelter and offer the program as a fundraiser.

Can I be a presenter outside the US?

Yes, you can be a presenter from any country. Doggone Safe does not ship the Teacher Kit outside the US, but you can purchase the downloadable version and get it printed locally, or you can purchase the printed Teacher Kit from the manufacturer. See our store for more details.

Doggone Safe is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

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