This is a list of other websites that sell products or provide information that complements the information and resources provided by Doggone Safe. There are many other sites that provide dog bite prevention information that you can find with a Google search for the key words "dog bite prevention" or "child dog bite prevention". The Doggone Safe site is very comprehensive and so we do not list sites here unless they provide information or resources not found at our site. The absence of a resource here is not reflective in any way of our opinion of that site or of the quality of information found there.

Please let us know if you have other resources to suggest for this page.

Association of Professional Humane Educators - online directory of resources for humane educators (for members only)

Blue Dog - story and interactive CD game for preschoolers and parents to learn about safety around the family dog at home

Diggity Dog - Diggity Dog puppet show book and online games for kids to learn about safety around dogs

The Dog and Baby Connection  - safety program aimed at parents who have and baby or toddler and a dog

Dogs and Storks - safety program for expectant parents with a dog

Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing your Mind - book, postcards, bookmarks and other educational resources related to child and dog safety for parents

World Society for Protection of Animals - First Concepts for Animal Welfare Programme - directory of resources for teachers and other educators in the field of humane education

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