FAQ - Booking a Be a Tree Session

These are answers to frequently asked questions about booking a be a Tree session.

How do I book a Be a Tree session for my group?

Click here to find a presenter. Your local veterinarian, groomer, trainer, pet sitter or other canine professional may offer the Be a Tree program.

If you would like to do your own presentations in-house you can become a member and purchase the Be a Tree teacher kit.

How much do Be a Tree sessions cost?

The cost per session is usually around $150 per program. Some Doggone Safe members offer programs free of charge on a completely volunteer basis. Some charge a fee that they set. Many veterinarians and veterinary technicians offer the Be a Tree program. Ask your local veterinarian.

Will the children receive coloring books and other take-home materials?

The basic program gives the children a photocopied certificate that reminds them of the key safety messages and has a place to draw a picture of something they learned. Doggone Safe may also provides bookmarks or other materials on request to presenters - subject to availability.

You may purchase take-home and classroom materials. These are sometimes purchased by a sponsor and can be branded with the sponsor's logo and contact information. Anyone can purchase any of the available take-home and classroom materials. These are described on the supplementary materials page.

If you know of a potential sponsor in your community (your PTA or school parent advisory committee for example), send us an email with their contact information and we will send them sponsorship information.

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