The Be A Tree Program Information

The Be a Tree program is a dog bite prevention seminar program for school age children. This program focuses on fun and interactive activities to teach children how to read dog body language and how to act safely around their own dog and strange dogs. Doggone Safe discourages presenters from bringing live dogs into the classroom.
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The Be a Tree program is a leader in dog bite prevention programming. More than half a million children have experienced the program, which has the support of veterinary medical associations and veterinary technician/technologist associations. 

The Program Content

The program is broken down into two key parts:

Part 1: Teaching Segment (15-20 min)
The presenter uses large format photos to teach the children about how to read dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. They learn how to use the tools they have in their head to keep themselves safe. During the session they get to practice how to "be a tree" several times.
Part 2: Practicing Segment (15-20 min)
This is the really fun part! The class engages in interactive games and role playing to practice what they have learned.

The Teaching Kit
The Be a Tree program comes in the form of a physical Teacher Kit and a PowerFlashPoint file suitable for use on a computer and projector. You may purchase these to do your own presentations, or you may want to invite a presenter to come to give a presentation to your group.

Click here to view the PowerFlashPoint file and see the content of the program. The Teacher Kit and PowerFlashPoint file are available for purchase in our store.

How to Become a Be a Tree Presenter

The Be a Tree program can be presented by anyone who is a member of Doggone Safe and purchases a Be a Tree Teacher Kit from the store

How to Become a Licensed Be aTree Presenter

If you want to become a licensed presenter you must agree to the license agreement and complete the short form

Benefits of Being a Licensed Presenter

  •  As a licensed presenters you have permission to use the Be A Tree logo in print and on your website.
  • You are entitled to assistance from Doggone Safe in booking programs and in preparing sponsorship proposals.

Purchase Your Be a Tree Kit

  • The kit is available as a physical kit or as a PowerPoint-type presentation file for use on a computer or with a projector. Each of these as a separate item costs $100. They are available as a package for $120.
  • Licensed presenters that are Doggone Safe members qualify for $10 off. So Join Doggone Safe to get the discount code before buying the Be a Tree teacher kit.
  • For more details on the physical teacher kit click here.
  • To view the PowerPoint show click here. This shows all the photos used in the seminar version.

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